About us

Company Overview

Optimal Solutions is an information technology Business Solutions provider founded by a group of young and highly motivated professionals, dedicated to provide the market with turn-key business solutions, and based on a vision that revolves around the following major goals:

  1. To become a large scale corporation based in Lebanon which is solely owned, managed and controlled by a board of young well-educated Lebanese members.
  2. To provide youth with a career path and an opportunity to reach high positions, with guidance and orientation to benefit in return the society.
  3. To be ranked among the top regional IT solution providers.


Directed by international standards, practices, and frameworks, Optimal Solution’s team provides organizations with state-of-the-art strategic business solutions based on the latest technologies, serving them to achieve their goals and guaranteeing a successful business.

Board Members

Mr. Imad barazi - General Manager
Has forty years of experience in international business development and commercial transactions. He has structured, negotiated and closed finance, distribution, commercial representation, licensing, acquisition and operations and maintenance agreements throughout the world. Mr. Imad was Director and owner of Barazi Group. He has participated in various business projects from different fields; in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Egypt, France, Iraq, and Lebanon.


Mr.Toufic Yasmine - Sales Manager
Has over 7 years of experience in Business Development Programming and Sales. At Business Empower, he was a Managing Partner. Earlier at ICC, he was the Solution Specialist for SharePoint and Fujitsu Product Manager. He was the Sales Manager at Sony-Fattal Lebanon. He has conducted a range of IT projects at Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon. He received his BS in Business and Accounting Information Systems from the Hariri University – Sidon.


Mrs.Sara Barazi - Project Manager
Alumni of the International College and the American University of Beirut, studied Business and Public Administration. Has over 5 years of experience in the market, working with profitable and non-profitable organizations. Was the Office Administrator of L.A.C travel, manager of the marketing department at Barazi Group. Pre-election observer and an accountant at LADE.


Our Vision

Empowering companies with cutting edge technology to help them excel in their business and put them on a growth path to succeed and lead their industries.